UnlikeIt troubleshooting help

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Some hints and tips that may help users having trouble with https://apps.facebook.com/unlikeit/.


Things to try first:

  • Use a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Use the direct url too the application https://apps.grgichtran.com/unlikeit/.
  • Have you authorised the application? When it gets added to your Facebook profile it will ask for this and it’s quite easy to automatically deny access or close the window altogether.
  • Have you enabled cookies?
  • Clearing the Cache has helped some users in the past.

Other Troubleshooting tips:

  • Application gets shows 0/0 likes
    • Jennifer North Fitzgibbons wrote this brief guide which may help: ‘I figured out the problem if you are seeing 0 like me. First, you click the button on the top right of the UnlikeIt page here and then click remove app. Then click “Go to App” on UnlikeIt. You will get a pop up screen, I forget what it said but I said No or cancel. Then you will see a “Login with Facebook” click that and say okay. Once that gets put through, then go and try to use the app and it should work, it did for me.’
  • Application gets stuck on ‘loading…’
    • Jason Brown wrote: I just had the same problem. I didn’t authorize the app to manage my pages, and it just said loading forever. i then pasted a link to a page i liked into the url thing in the app, and it asked for authentication again. I authinticated it, and nothing happened, until I manually refreshed the page like you said. Thanks UnlikeIt!
    • Brenda Penton wrote: I read what another poster did and added a page that I liked and it worked! Yay! Thank you for the response and thank you for the great app
  • Can’t unlike an item


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